Meet the Science Ambassadors

Every semester, winners of the Science Ambassador Scholarship create new videos to show us what they’re learning at school.

Laura, 2018 Winner

Laura is a freshman at MIT studying Bioengineering. Her two favorite subjects are genetics and immunology. Laura grew up in Kirkland, Washington with her siblings and pet rabbit. In her free time, she loves to play the saxophone, build cardboard creations, and listen to podcasts.

Ocular Nanorobots

Ocular Nanorobots 01/18/19

Laura’s 2018 Application Video

Laura’s Application Video 12/11/17

Anna, 2017 Winner

Anna is a sophomore at Harvey Mudd college studying Physics. Her favorite classes are Mechanics and Intro to Linguistics. This summer, she’s doing research in particle physics, looking for patterns in data from particle accelerators. Anna grew up in Maryland, in the DC metro area. She loves dogs, Parks and Recreation, and her favorite fruit is banana.

The Postulates of Special Relativity

The Postulates of Special Relativity 01/18/19

Finding Exoplanets & Center of Mass

Finding Exoplanets & Center of Mass 06/21/18

A Little History on Neutrinos

A Little History on Neutrinos 01/29/18

Anna’s 2017 Application Video

Anna’s Application Video 12/09/16

Sona, 2016 Winner

Sona is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Materials Science and Engineering with minors in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Entrepreneurship. She spends her time researching in the lab, volunteering at West Philadelphia high schools, and dancing with her friends on Penn Raas. With the rest of her free time, she loves being an art nerd, a chronic over-sleeper, and an Internet addict.

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells 01/18/19

3D Printing

3D Printing 06/21/18


Photovoltaics 08/14/17


Polymers 12/09/16

Sona’s 2016 Application Video

Sona’s Application Video 12/05/15